Staying Safe in the Sun

Protecting yourself while out in the sun has been a topic of discussion for years, but did you know that many sunscreens on the market currently contain chemicals that are considered unsafe at the levels in which they are used? The Environmental Working Group is a great resource when it comes to learning about the ingredients in your personal care products, sunscreen included. Here is an article explaining more about sunscreen ingredients.

If you will be out in the sun for an hour or less, chances are you won’t need sunscreen and can take the opportunity to allow your body to make vitamin D for you. For longer exposure to the sun, finding a sunscreen that protects you from the sun without ingredients that cause adverse effects to your overall health is critical.

We recommend the following brands:

  • Badger (available at Natural Grocers, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Amazon, etc.)

  • Babo Botanicals (available at Target, Amazon, etc)

  • Native (available at Target and online at

When shopping for a sunscreen, EWG has created a wallet size resource to support you with what to look for as well as avoid.

Other ways to protect yourself in the sun include wearing protective clothing (such as hats, long sleeve shirts, and pants) and eating a nutrient dense, colorful diet. Research has shown eating in this way provides your body with the antioxidants it needs to protect your skin from burns.

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