Shrink the Change

Some people have chosen a word to center health goals around and others have made resolutions to motivate themselves to make health changes. However, you have decided to move forward with new health goals, one thing you might want to consider in order to find success is shrinking your goals.

Let’s say that your goal is to get 10,000 steps per day because you heard it was good for you. Although 10,000 steps per day is a great goal, you can’t go from 1500 steps per day to 10,000. It’s just not realistic and it’s also not sustainable. A more sustainable goal is to add 1,000 more steps per day at first. So instead of going from 1500 steps to 10,000 steps, you are going from 1500 to 2500. Once you consistently hit the 2500 step goal, you can re-evaluate. Is this goal too easy now? Do I have the ability to add more steps? Hitting the 2500 step goal helps you feel accomplished and that feeling of accomplishment sends signals to the reward center in your brain that says “it is worth it to keep doing this.” And surely in time you will be able to inch towards that 10,000 step goal.

Maybe your goal is around adopting a healthier way of eating. The black and white, all or nothing view of switching to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t typically work and make us feel deflated when we can’t sustain it long term. Again, if we shrink the change, like adding an extra 2 servings of vegetables in a day from what you currently do, you are more likely to see and feel the success leading you to keep going with your endeavor.

If you are looking for support with how to make the changes you set for yourself this year, our health coach, Brynn, is here to support you. She has a virtual group coaching cycle starting up on Monday, January 10th for those looking to make dietary changes and also offers one-on-one personalized sessions for others wanting to make changes around a different area of health or in a more private setting. If you are interested in learning more about virtual group health coaching, please see our previous newsletter. For more information about one-on-one personalized sessions, you can contact Brynn by email,

No matter your goal, we look forward to providing quality functional medicine and chiropractic healthcare, as well as health and wellness coaching for you in 2022 as you continue to reach for the health goals you’ve set for yourself!

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