Out of all the things that you invest your time, energy and money, health should be #1

5280 Functional Medicine is happy to offer FREE 15 minute phone strategy sessions with the doctors for any new or existing patients to help answer questions and initiate a strategy for optimizing your health. Give us a call at 720-722-0386 or email us at info@5280functionalmed.com to set up a FREE 15 minute phone strategy session!

We are also excited to offer the highest quality neutraceutical supplements through Fullscript. With hundreds of brands and tens of thousands of supplements to choose from, you are sure to find whatever you need! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need help finding the right supportive products for you!

It’s no secret…our healthcare system is failing us — Regardless of the fact that the United States spends over $3 trillion on healthcare annually and is the most over-medicated country in the world, we continue to rank as one of the sickest industrialized nations. Our goal, at 5280 Functional Medicine located in Englewood Colorado, is to avoid our patients becoming part of that statistic.

Typically, if a person feels unwell, he or she will visit a conventionally trained medical doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, etc. who will prescribe a medication to suppress their symptoms. What is unfortunate for patients is that this “standard of care” of strictly treating symptoms almost never addresses the underlying causes of the symptoms! It is like placing duct tape over the check engine light in your car. You can’t see the light anymore, but the engine is still headed toward failure.

This is where Functional Medicine practitioners like Dr. Mark Riggs and Dr. Akilah Spencer can help! Functional Medicine is an individualized, patient-centered approach that seeks to identify and correct the root cause of symptoms. We do this by utilizing conventional medical exam and diagnostic procedures and we correct dysfunction by utilizing conservative care options first.

Conventional medicine prescribes drugs or recommend surgery which may or may not help, and are inherently associated with potential serious adverse effects. Often times more conservative alternatives to those aggressive therapies are not discussed.

Many patients are frustrated having been told by his or her doctor that nothing is wrong with them according to labs and imaging, even though they feel far from normal.

If this sounds all to familiar, we completely understand your frustration, but you’re here because you’re hopeful! Maybe you’ve experimented with some more natural therapies and you know there must be a better way!

We’re happy to say that there is a better way to take control of your health

Our bodies are designed to be healthy, to heal from disease, and to function optimally. Only when there is an induced breakdown in normal physiology do we suffer from illness and disease.

Dr. Mark Riggs and Dr. Akilah Spencer work with you to help your body naturally heal and function optimally by utilizing a Functional Medicine approach. Through individualized treatment plans (starting with diet and lifestyle modifications) we can bolster the health of most patients allowing them to become less dependent on risky drugs and surgeries.

Furthermore, Dr. Mark Riggs and Dr. Akilah Spencer are committed to evidence-based medicine and advanced comprehensive diagnosis. Let them help you take back your health, enjoy your hobbies, wake up in the morning without pain, and fully enjoy your life again.


Dr. Mark Riggs

We help patients with:

Low Back Pain

Cardiovascular Disease


Neck pain/headaches

Thyroid Disease

Gastrointestinal Disease

and much more!

We have happy patients

Dr. Mark Riggs is amazing! He treats you like family and makes sure to address all of your concerns. You are so much more than a patient or an issue... you are a person! He is managing chronic diabetes issues for my mom and we are getting answers and results almost immediately! Her doctors couldn't address these issues for months, Dr. Riggs was able to help within a few appointments. Thank you Doctor Riggs!

Katie K.

Dr. Akilah Spencer actually cares about her patients and takes time out to listen and thoroughly answer questions. Talking with and being treated by her is unlike any experience with other chiropractors or medical doctors that seem to aim just to see as many patients as quickly as possible. I highly recommend her. I personally experienced immediate relief from tension and headaches with her adjustments! She also made lifestyle and supplement recommendations that helped me fight my head cold, as well as a morning nutrition regimen that I am really enjoying.

Jasmine E.

I love Dr. Akilah Spencer! She takes personal interest in me as a patient, truly listens to my concerns and customizes my treatment for optimal effectiveness. I would recommend her to anyone that truly wants a better quality of life through healthy living!

Tonyeil S.